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Our goal is to document and preserve our Jones family history for future generations. Early ancestors include William Edward Jones of Wales who emmigrated in about 1857 and settled in Oneida County, New York; William and Hannah Davis, also of Wales, who came to Oneida County in 1837; Richard Bullock and Elizabeth Ingraham who came here from England in 1643 and settled in Rehoboth, Massachusetts; George Frederick Sommers and Rosanna Christina Timber of Germany who came to Herkimer County, New York in 1856; and Thomas and Susan Harvey of England who settled in Oneida County in 1855.

Our Jones HeritageOur Jones Heritage

William Edward Jones emigrated to Oneida County, New York from Wales in the mid-1850s. He soon married Mary Ann, probably the daughter of William and Hannah Davis, also from Wales, who arrived in about 1837. They had two children, Hannah and William Jr., before Mary Ann was widowed. William was probably a casualty of the Civil War, but we have found no confirming records. She later married Richard Williams and had six more children; Israel, Victoria, Watkin L., Edith M., Ray and Everett L. All but Edith and Everett died young.

Our Bullock HeritageOur Bullock Heritage

Richard Bullock was born on 16 Jul 1622 in Essex, England. He emmigrated to Rehoboth, Massachusetts in 1643 where he married Elizabeth Ingraham, also born in Essex. In 1804, their great-grandson, Shubael, took our line to Vermont and then to Oneida County, New York. Shubael's great-great grandaughter, Harriet S. Bullock, married Earl T. Jones, the grandson of William Edward and Mary Ann Jones. Harriet and Earl raised four daughters on a dairy farm at North Gage in Deerfield Township, New York; Frances, Wilna, Marjorie and Ardith.

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