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Our goal is to document and preserve our family history for future generations. Early ancestors include Joseph Holley and Rose Allen who helped settle Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1637; Tristram and Blanche Hull of Devonshire, England who came to Massachusetts in 1635; John Jennings and Ruhama Turner who were at Sandwich, Massachusetts by 1667; George Soule of England who came to Plymouth, Massachusetts on the Mayflower, and his wife, Mary Becket who came in 1623 on the Anne. The Holley surname evolved to Holway in Sandwich, to Halloway in Dutchess County and then to Hawley in Delaware County. There are gaps in our documentation that we would love to close. If you share our heritage please take a minute to share your ancestry.

A DNA Test Helped
Shatter Our Brick Wall

You have undoubtedly encountered a "Brick Wall" at some point in your research. Ours was rooted in the dearth of vital records for rural New York State from the 18th and early 19th centuries. After several generations spent pursuing false leads and blind alleys, we were rescued by the emerging use of DNA science for genealogical research. You may find the story of how we found our origins to be helpful in your own research efforts.... read more.

Proof Of Our Heritage

We have documented the first six generations of our family in America and included links to the sources that prove the connection between our Delaware County family and the Joseph Holley who helped settle Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1637. Click on the notes to see our sources for yourselves.... read more.

For Civil War Buffs

Several of our direct ancestors served in the Civil War. One lost a leg at Gettysburg. We've researched some of the battles in which they participated and you may find that part of the site of interest, especially if an ancestor served in the Union Army's Excelsior Brigade of the New York Volunteers.... read more.

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Our photo album contains 40+ pictures of family members, some dating to the late 1800s and others much more recent. ... browse the album.

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The Early Generations

Joseph Holley was born ca. 1605 in England and died at Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1647. He was probably a grantee of Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1634 and was certainly among the first settlers of Sandwich, ca 1637. He was a millwright and married Rose Allen, probably in England before emigrating to Dorchester ca. 1634. Rose was born ca. 1621 in England and died ca. 1693 in Sandwich.... read more.

Our Data

Our database has records on 10,853 descendants and spouses with 1,927 unique surnames. Family group pages include sources used to validate the information. Click here to review the page for Joseph Holley. Click on an earth icon earth icon to launch a map of birth, death or marriage locations. You can also find map coordinates for those locations and find the distance between any two places.

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If you have questions related to our research, some history or pictures to share, or suggestions to improve the site, please e-mail them to us.

Our Son Jared's Art Folio

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Jared was born at Bitburg, Germany on Jul 11, 1970. He left us to be with the Lord on April 5, 1994. We include these photographs as a memorial to his short but full life. ... see Jared's art.